Панащук Алина Игоревна

Родной язык: Русский, Украинский

Языки перевода: Английский, Русский, Украинский

Возраст: 22 года

Пол: Женский

Образование: Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko (PNPU)

Место проживания: Россия, Выборг

Обо мне

Learning foreign languages is my hobby. In addition, it is not only my hobby, it is my passion. Words have never been invented to describe how much I like to write original essays on various topics. I have a talent for words that excite, educate and persuade at once. I like to translate Russian and Ukrainian poems into English, as I want that our poets and writers will be known not only in our country but also in all over the world. I have many fresh ideas and would like to share with it. I am an achiever. Superwoman is my middle name. I am always anxious for success. I certainly know how to get a job done. I am compulsive about using every second of a day to a good effect and I get irritable with people who take life at a slower pace. As Confucius said: Choose a job you love and you will never have a work in a day. The odds are ten to one I will be a good candidate for this job.

Тематики переводов

Письменные переводы (Перевод сайтов, Художественный, Архитектура, Другие, Еда и напитки, Искусство / литература, Кино и ТВ, Компьютеры: общая тематика, Кулинария, Лингвистика, Музыка, Мультимедиа, Образование, педагогика, Одежда, ткани, мода, Перевод личных документов, Питание, диеты, Поэзия и литература, Реклама, Физкультура и спорт, Фотография, графика)

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